Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What is the world coming to?

Yellow Ribbons I'm sure many of you have bought these wonderful Support Our Troops yellow ribbons for your cars. What gets me are the idiots that go around stealing them for a prank. I don't know if these are teenagers or just un-patriotic snerts, but it gets annoying to have them go missing over night.
To those of you who think that swiping them makes good fun, I have to say, "GET A LIFE!" We put these things on our vehicles because we support our troops, no matter where the government decides to send them, we may not agree with the politics behind these actions, but our troops need us behind them. If it makes a returned soldier feel good to see them on our cars or one who is about to go, that helps them, I'm sure. We didn't put them there to be taken by as the latest rave in teenage pranks.
If I catch anyone swiping them in my neighborhood, I'm calling the police. If you've taken any from someone's car, be a good person, and return them... In the dead of night, like it was when you stole them.
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