Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Googlism, Doctor Who, and the 1980's


What's Googlism? Well, as far as I can tell, it's an odd sort of site that can be fun.

Example Googlism for Geek

geek is good

geek is perfect

geek is no longer chic +++

geek is wearing and using

geek is chic

geek is half empty

geek is losing it

geek is a social animal

geek is a guy thing

geek is an island

geek is in

geek is cool

geek is trendy

geek is hard to find

geek is afoot photo gallery

geek is browsing

geek is showing

geek is someone who spends time being "social" on a computer

geek is betting on atlanta's oenophiles

geek is no longer chic more articles

geek is wearing

geek is a state of mind

geek is showing i finally sat down and made my geek code

geek is showing neeeeeeeeeeeerd

geek is half empty i think just for saying that i am a geek

geek is no longer a four

geek is a social animal by nick farrell

geek is rejected because he acts the wrong way

geek is a social animal 04

geek is a term of endearment

geek is winning

geek is cool verse 1 i'm not the kid that u knew back a school i wish u could c me now if u could c wot i do i wish there was some how im on stage singing wot

geek is hard to find 06

geek is hard to find a year ago

geek is so stealthy

geek is imagining it all

geek is played by mattew broderik

geek is

geek is currently offering a five

geek is a person who is inordinately dedicated to and involved with technology to the point of sometimes not

Mark McDonnell sums up each of the versions of Dr Who in five words:

William Hartnell - cantankerous old exiled Edwardian grandfather

Patrick Troughton - scruffy mop topped cosmic hobo

Jon Pertwee - velvet dandy man of action

Tom Baker - curly wild eyed bohemian genius

Peter Davison - cricket loving restless galatic innocent

Colin Baker - loud garish arrogant erudite crusader

Sylvester McCoy - pacifist professor spoon playing manipulator

Paul McGann - handsome Byronic quick minded adventurer

A lifelong fan of sci-fi series Dr Who, the actor Mark McDonnell has appeared in several Big Finish Productions audio dramas, notably in their Dr Who range alongside McCoy and McGann.

---From VitaminQ.

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