Wednesday, January 19, 2005

America and the World

Currently the United States has troops stationed in over 100 countries, provides humanitarian and financial aid to more than half the world, and has a national debt of $7,608,000,000,000+.

What is my point?

The point is, with all the pots the United States has it's fingers in, no wonder it can't take care of Pot #1 (right in our own backyard).

This is what I mean, you have to fix the problems at home before you can even dream of helping your neighbor. You wouldn't go fix the neighbor's sink before you took care of the broken plumbing in your own home.

We all know about the threat of terrorism on a global scale. We have our young men and women of the Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan because of this. But what about the terrorism going on at home? Just turn on any news program in any major city and you will see the evidence right there: murder, rape, and violent crime on a large scale. Approximately thirteen million people are victims of crime every year. Approximately one and a half million are victims of violent crime1.

Then there is humanitarian and financial aid given to other countries. Just let me make one thing clear, I'm all behind giving aid to those countries that have been hit by disasters, heck I've seen how much that helps an area thanks to the tornados that swept through my own area last year. But, again, there are areas that are not being addressed on the home front. Unemployment and low education standards are just two issues of a humanitarian nature that come to mind.

In a time when major companies are outsourcing to cheaper labor in other countries, we have over 8.0 million2 people unemployed. As these companies outsource, the number of unskilled labour jobs are decreasing leaving nothing for people to do that have no degrees.

Low educational standards are a result of poor planning and, to some degree, the "No Child Left Behind Act." This Act was supposed to help better our educational system. From what I've seen, there hasn't been much improvement. Yes I know, it is still early in the game, we have yet to see the generation graduate that started under this new law. Time will tell if it helps or not.

Lastly, I'll touch on the United Sates being the worldwide bank. It seems like more and more countries are seeking aid from the US. More money pours out of the country everyday. Now, Bush needs to figure out a way to cut some corners. With military action all about he's going to have to find some way to pay for it. And loans to other countries are not helping our situation.

Now, I have no solutions to any problems we, as a nation, face. I just wanted vent some of my thoughts on the whole state of the Union before we hear from the horse's mouth tomorrow. I plan on watching it and will no doubt have something to say afterwards.

End of Line.

1 U.S. Crime Statistics Total and by State 1960-2000

2 Employment Sistuation Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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