Thursday, April 7, 2005

Thumbed Web, Missed Events, and blah

Going to start a new weekly feature this Friday.  Websites that really do earn a giant thumbs down.   I belong to Stumble Upon, a really good community that reviews sites on the net.  Most of the sites that get listed get a rave review.  From time to time I will see one that actually gets a thumbs down and I'm drawn to go have a look and see what it is all about.  These are the sites I'm going to post here.

The plan is to post about 3 to 5 a week.  So, if you are actually still reading this, you should start to see some real content again.

Sorry I never posted anything to do with the passing of the Pope.  I am not really sure how I should express my views on this man.  I respect all he did that was a positive in the world.  I don't agree with where he stood from a theological stand point.  But that is what makes the world great, our chance to express ourselves as our own mind dictates.

YES, I'm still addicted to Runescape.  It's fun... Level 62 in less than a month.  I think my daughter hates me.  Well, maybe just upset that it's only taken me a short while, but I understand this version of the game is much different than what she started playing a few years back.

CIAO for now.  Look for new and exciting stuff coming up this Friday.

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