Tuesday, January 31, 2006

UPDATE and Other News

This is an update on a previous post, I have ordered Sandy Chandler-Pittman’s book Christian Wicca: The Trinitarian Tradition.  Once I have read it, I shall put a review of it up here.

In Other News
Unfortunately I must work tonight, so I will miss the “State of the Union Address”, so I will more than likely have to read it like I did last year.  Wonder what Ole Shrub is gonna say this time.  You will prolly see my comments on it in a few days, as I’m getting mighty political in my old age.

Still looking for materials to flesh out my AOL site, maybe the book I’m getting will give some insights I haven’t thought of.  When I took to task the idea of publishing my beliefs on a web site, I didn’t know how much of a chore it would be.  The details are slowly coming together, who knows, I might write a book on the topic.  

For some reason, my daily round up of web sites has not been getting here, so looks like I will have to start doing it by hand again. UGH. Maybe I’ll just start using BlinkList and post them via java scripting, it wouldn’t be too hard to do.  I would just have to mark them with the date all the time.

I saw something on another blog that I liked, a “state of the blog” post.  I might have to think about doing that next year.  After all, I need to post more than once in a blue moon to have any impact on this.  ;)

All for now….
…Be Blessed and Be Whole
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