Thursday, October 26, 2006

1984 is here MAN!

Students, officials locking horns over blogs -

School boards across the country already have blocked sites such as MySpace and Facebook on school computers. But school districts now are reaching into students' home computers, severely punishing and even expelling students for what they write on those sites from home.

Just another example of the world getting overwhelmingly like "1984". Why can't these idiots just get it through their heads that people want to speak their mind? I mean, it's a helluva lot better to have kids rant and rave on a blog than to have them come in and go postal.

•A student at an Indianapolis-area school was expelled for making sexually explicit comments about a teacher on MySpace.
Okay, this one I can understand. Hell, you can't expect to get away with this once your an adult, it's called sexual harassment.

•Officials at a Pittsburgh school kicked a student off the volleyball team for an Internet message that criticized an art teacher.

What's the matter teach? Can't take a little criticism. Sounds to me like your are a spoiled jerk. Seriously, isn't it better to exercise these thoughts online than to one day go ballistic at that teacher?

•A cheerleader at a Fort Worth-area school was kicked off the squad for derogatory comments someone posted on her blog about other cheerleaders.

This one is plain stupid. The cheerleader didn't even make the statement, SOMEONE ELSE DID. That's like punishing the gun maker because they made the gun. Pointless!!!!!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that people need to wake up and let kids be kids. They need outlets for certain feelings and I'd rather see them blogging than kicking ass or killing people.

One thought for the kids, make your blogs private (but make sure you let your parents have access to what is said). I'm all for privacy from the MAN, but you gotta keep your 'rents in the loop.
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