Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Latest MicroSHAFT Virus

If for some strange reason you braved the install of IE7, you should be aware that it does not play well with other programs.

After I installed IE7, I began having errors when trying to run Yahoo! products and a few other pieced of software. These are the deadly General Exception Errors that kill the program you are trying to run. But, after some searching I found out all about the non-compat issues of IE7.

So, if you recently installed IE7 and you programs are acting weird, my suggestion is to uninstall the bloody thing (which reverts you back to IE6), and get on with your enjoyment of your programs until they come up with patches to make them work with IE7.

They'll have to get the kinks out before Vista is released or we're all up the creek without a digital paddle.
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