Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great Ideas: Altar Boxes

This is a great idea. The altar box I'm making will be from a "hat box" with removable legs. I have a larger one that I made from a steamer trunk.
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Altar Boxes
Amelia Tucker
BellaOnline's Wicca Editor
An altar is a central part of many Wiccans lives. It is a place to connect with your inner goddess and a visual mark in your living space where what you hold sacred can be lovingly displayed.

Creating your own altar box is a good way to focus energy into one item that is portable. You then have a sacred space to bring to your dorm room or if you live in an apartment, you may not leave your altar up unless you are

An altar box can be either a part of a larger altar that holds precious items of meaning and strength for you. Either homemade(my favorite) or purchased, an altar box is a great way to keep many items on your sacred space in one place.
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