Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How I Find Blogging Ideas

There are a number of ways I find blogging ideas, but here is my top five

  1. Clipmarks This is a social bookmarking and quoting service. People browse the Internet and highlight portions of a website they like and "clip" it, comment on the site if they want to, and post it to the community. You can then find their posts by topic or start "following" what they post by adding them to your "watch list". It's a rather interesting way of looking around the net for new ideas and stuff you, yourself, may not have thought of looking for. They have a cool surprise me feature that always seems to turn up new topics, it's like randomly browsing the net.
    Clipmarks - Connecting people with information.

  2. Glenn Beck The Glenn Beck program, found in two formats, one on radio and another on CNN Headline News, is always full of topics that I either agree or disagree about. Sometimes I feel it's important enough to comment on, so I will post a quick blog about a given topic. His "fusion of entertainment and enlightenment" draws my attention because he sometimes says things that I wish I had a platform, other than blogging, to say.
    Glenn Beck

  3. Newspapers & Magazines I read several local and national newspapers, always finding something that gets my goat, so I have to post about a given subject. In this day and age, I see to be finding more and more things that get me miffed. I also read a couple of news magazines that have the same affect, but as well as the hot topics, there can be found some personal interest stories that deserve some mention. Along with news magazines, I also read some tech ones. When finding a new program or innovation, one is inspired to post on them as well

  4. Quiz-lets These are the nasty little quizzes you take on-line and are asked totally unrelated questions and they figure out what super hero, vampire, animal, vegetable, mineral, faith, fictional character, or lump of lent you are. These are totally useless wastes of time, but some are fun enough to post. I know this prolly detracts from the validity of my blog, but sometimes they are fun and I can't help myself.

  5. Random Thoughts This, of course, is the most delightful way to blog. You sit down at your computer and you start typing about whatever comes to your head at the time. If you use a blogging client, this can be a great way to brainstorm and save it locally, then come back to edit, revise, or just junk the whole thing. These are the types of blog posts that I think get the most traffic.

Well, that about sums up how I find blogging ideas. I didn't mention one thing, but it really isn't where I get my ideas. I'm thinking about trying my hand at doing a few posts where I give myself a 10 minute time limit to type on a given topic and try not to deviate from the subject or repeat myself, save the words in the subject. You see, I've been listening to a lovely radio programme that has been broadcast via the BBC for many a year called Just a Minute. Since I would be typing, I figured 10 minutes would be a much more suitable time-frame. I'll toss the idea around a bit more and see what comes of it.

I got this idea from a list of 100 topics found on Chris Brogan's Blog. Check out his blog/website on blogging and pod-casting. And thanks Chris for this idea, I might post another if I can get my noodle wrapped around another topic.

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