Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to keep your old PC alive

Windows and most of the proprietary software requires more and more computer power as it's version increases. This results to new hardware all the time for us. But what about our old abandoned PCs? Should we throw them away?...

The article is simple and not much information is provided but nonetheless a good place to start with...
Read more at this site to revive your old pc.

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How to keep your old PC alive

Small Workstation

If your work isn't really advanced and you need a PC just to surf or for word processing, you don't have to use an expensive PC. You can also use your old machine. What you need is just the proper software.
There is a number of Linux distributions for this reason. Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux are two of them. You can also run some of the bigger distros like Fedora or Ubuntu, but you will have to do some customization, like changing the window manager to something lighter, like XFCE.

It will also be safer than using your Windows machine to surf... because there isn't a real risk from viruses if you use Linux.

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