Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creating Good Passwords

Great ideas about password safety. Read the entire story and learn a lesson.
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By their very nature passwords are problematic. Easy to remember often means easy to guess and hard to guess often means hard to remember.
A good password will mix letters, numbers and punctuation, but the strongest contain non-alphanumeric characters or symbols.
A good suggestion is to use a phrase you can easily remember, says Mr Munro. Use something like "I went to the pub last night" and take the first letters of each word. You can mix upper and lower case and throw in random symbols, like a dollar sign.
"Have one password for high security things that really matter, like online banking, and a low security one to use on things that don't really matter," says Barry Fox, contributing editor for Europe Consumer Electronics Daily.
"It's a common misconception," says Mr Munro. "It's better to have one good password than lots of bad ones."
The other essential when it comes to protecting your personal details is also having a good user name.
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