Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Johnny Streaked to the Bus

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The USA is suffering from a sexual-harassment mania. Originally,
sexual harassment meant coercing someone to engage in sex, or
exploiting someone sexually, such as when a boss pressures an
employee to provide sexual favors. These are surely bad acts.

The sexual harassment mania has spread to children. Six-year-olds
who don't even know what "sex" is are being accused of being sexual
harassers. A boy who kissed a little girl in school was accused of
sexual harassment and sent home. It seems that boys and girls may
no longer hug, hold hands, or show any affection or display
friendship. Affection is now sexualized. Should we be surprised
when children grow up to be violent thieving drug addicts?

The latest casualty to the sexual harassment mania is the naked
human body, including the bodies of innocent children. In Canton,
Ohio, a six-year-old boy took a bath......He heard the school bus
outside, and ran out to stop the bus - still naked. He was
suspended by his school for sexual harassment.

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This is totally ridiculous, what is the world coming too? This is a rather old article, but there was something similar to it in the USA Today for Monday.

What really gets my goat about all this is the fact that people are accusing children of things that they don't even understand. It's stupid. We need to let kids be kids for awhile before we slap them down for things that are inappropriate.

When I find the USA Today article, I'll post it and share more of my views on this total mess.
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