Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Romney Hits the Bible Belt

Poor Romney is in for a lot of abuse, you gotta love his spunk.
clipped from www.bloomberg.com

As Mitt Romney scours the South for
endorsements from evangelical leaders, he is getting some
unusual advice on how to explain his Mormon faith: Don't try to
be one of us.

``I told him, you cannot equate Mormonism with
Christianity; you cannot say, `I am a Christian just like
you,''' said Representative Bob Inglis of South Carolina, which
is scheduled to hold the first primary among the Southern
states. ``If he does that, every Baptist preacher in the South
is going to have to go to the pulpit on Sunday and explain the

Evangelical leaders say Romney, unlike Kennedy, won't be
able to defuse the religion question by citing the First
Amendment of the Constitution and advocating a rigid separation
of church and state. Many Christian conservatives blame such a
separation for a variety of social ills.
When he goes around and says Jesus Christ is
my Lord and savior, he ticks off at least half the
He's picking a fight he's going to
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