Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions That I've Broken

10 Get along better with others.

09 Read the complete works of Shakespeare.

08 Buy a new computer.

07 Blog on a regular basis.

06 Find more "me" time.

05 Find a new job.

04 Get my G.E.D.

03 Spend more time with my family, especially my daughter. Well, this one I've been able to do a lot easier since I live in the same town. But before I moved back intothis area, I as always telling myself I'd do this.

02 Get my own place: I'm trying to get this one done this year. I am really sick of living out of one room.

01 Quit Smoking: although I hope to succeed at this one this year.

Well, there ya have it. The things I've not been able to complete in the past or still haven't completed. Here's to a new year to you all. May you be blessed by the Lord and the Lady throughout the year.
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