Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Impact of Borders On Cloud Computing

clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

In the real world national borders, commercial rivalries and political imperatives all come into play, turning the cloud into a miasma as heavy with menace as the fog over the Grimpen Mire that concealed the Hound of the Baskervilles in Arthur Conan Doyle's story.

The issue was recently highlighted by reports that the Canadian government has a policy of not allowing public sector IT projects to use US-based hosting services because of concerns over data protection.

Under the US Patriot Act the FBI and other agencies can demand to see content stored on any computer, even if it being hosted on behalf of another sovereign state.
Perhaps it is time for the UN to consider a cyberspace rights treaty that will outline what it's acceptable to do when other people's data comes into your jurisdiction.
This article highlights some very important concerns over the future of the way things are done on the Internet and sums up the whole situation rather well in the last paragraph.
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