Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

This is one tradition I've never really fignred out.  Why do we make them, knowing we are just going to break them?  Surely it's just a waste of time; after all, only about 12% of those who make a Resolution achieve their goals.  But it's a tradition non-the less, so here are mine for the year.  And I'm sticking to my guns.

1.  Stop Smoking
     ---yes I've made this one in the past, I will do it this year.
2. Get somewhere in school.
    ---I'm still spinning my wheels.
3. Be driving by summer.
    --- Gotta do this one or the better half will kill me.
4. Speaking of better halves....Spen d more quality time with her.

5. Year End Goal
    ---Improve my income potential.

There ya go, my Resolutions....Check back on Dec 31, 2009 to see if I accomplished them.

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