Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has been around for almost half a decade and it has taken the Internet community by storm.  One of the first to provide this service was, using cleaver tricks of naming their site and the available .us designator.  From there numerous sites have cropped up. 
StumbleUpon throws an interesting twist into the mix by allowing you to not only share your bookmarks but also, through the use of their browser toolbar, randomly discover new sites in a given category.  Another feature of this site is the blog-like atmosphere where you can also just make text entries if you wish.  The down side is that a lot of bandwidth gets ripped off when people mark an image.
Clipmarks is another way of sharing your finds similar to Stumble with the added ability to post what you find directly to your blog with commentary.  You get only about 1000 characters you can quote, but careful use of your highlighting can give a reader the idea of your find.  I've noticed that some people have figured a way around the limit, but I've yet to figure it out. Like Stumble, there can be issues when linking to images of stealing bandwidth.
This site was founded by Kevin Rose (of Tech TV fame) and a buddy of his.  The whole idea behind this site it to promote articles found around the web.  If you like, you "digg" it and it's popularity goes up.  There seems to be competition between folks to be the first to DIGG a site, which can be fun.

I like delicious and digg over the other two, mostly because there is very little chance of causing harm to a website by stealing bandwidth.  Sure, there is a risk of knocking it off line for a bit due to traffic jams, but who doesn't want traffic to their site?  Delicious is by far the best when used with Firefox.  You can bookmark and tag the sites you come across and post them to the web at the same time. 

There are a large number of social book marking sites out there, Google for them and find the ones that suit your needs.
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