Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 5 Tech Toys this Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly and give the tech-head on your holiday list something that will make them wish they would have gotten you something better than a WalMart Gift Card.

At number five, I'd have to say is the MP3 player.  If the person on your list doesn't have one of these yet, you might want to consider getting them one.  You don't have to fork out big bucks for an Apple iPod, there are other choices out there.  I use a Philips (GoGear) SA 3245/37 4GB MP4 Player.  What I like about it is the capacity is nice, you can listen to FM radio, has a voice recorder, and even plays videos (after a conversion).  It also has a nice photo gallery option. And best of all, it's under $100.

At number four, if they have Netflix, consider getting them the Netflix Player by Roku.  With it they can instantly watch movies and TV episodes over the Internet on their living room TV, or anywhere they have a TV and an Internet connection. And with a constantly growing library of content (currently at over 12,000 movies and TV shows.), it's a gift that keeps on giving.  Other products offer the same functionality, but this is the cheapest.  For more details, check out the Netflix Site.

Number three, a digital photo frame.  You have all those digital snaps you took at last year's Christmas Gathering, why not share them in a nice LCD Digital Picture Frame.  These come in a variety of sizes and memory capacites.  You can find a 7" diaganal frame for under $100 which should fit most every one's needs.

At number two, and speaking of Digital Pictures, why not give them a new digital camera?  Costs of these puppies are getting better every year.   Again, you can find something that will suite almost everyone's needs for a lil under $100 and even some under $50 for the kids in the family.  Be sure to get them a larger SD card, because the one that comes with them isn't big enough to hold more than a few dozen photos and most love to hit the 100s before downloading them.

And the number one tech toy this season is..........HDTV!  Now, this isn't going to be cheap, but still well worth looking into.  Remember, everything is going digital next year, so unless you are hooked up with cable or sat, you are going to be out of luck.  Even if you have one of those options, it might be time to upgrade your TV anyway.  Besides, if you are going to blow a wad of cash this year on something for yourself, this would be the best way to go!  I recomend spending at least $700 for one, any less than that, you might get eye strain.

Well, hope that helps you out with your tech ideas.  As for me, I'll settle for a lap top this year or a TARDIS USB hub.
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