Friday, January 30, 2009

Freebie Friday: Web Based E-mail

Even if you already have an e-mail account from your Internet Service Provider, you should consider getting a web based e-mail account. Use your ISP e-mail for your friends and family and your WBE for all your other needs. Whether you are signing up for a new blogging account or just getting updates from your favorite news site, you should use a WBE. More often then not, when you sign up for something on the web, your e-mail address will wind up in some advertiser's hands and you will get unsolicited E-mail in no time at all.

Here is a list of a few places to get a free E-mail Address.

Gmail -- One of the best known and widely used. Gmail offers a large amount of storage with the option to purchase more for use throughout all your Google services. It also offers free IMAP or POP access, so you can still use your own e-mail client. One feature I really like about this system is the ability to use tags to organize your e-mail. For a full review, see Gmail (Google Mail) - Free Email and Chat Service Review - About Email.

Windows Live Hotmail -- For those of us who have been around the web for awhile, this was prolly our first e-mail address. Hotmail has come a long way since then, but could use a little more tweaking before it becomes a really good provider. You get 5Gb of online storage, fast search, some solid security, and a pretty easy to use interface. You have a few limitations on how you can access this provider, you either use the web or a client provided by the site. For a more info, see the review on

AIM Mail -- If you have an AIM account, you already have an AIM Mail address, all you have to do is activate it. AIM Mail claims to provide unlimited online storage, good spam protection, and a rich yet easy to use interface. they also offer IMAP and POP access but lack some of the features that puts Gmail ahead of it in the productivity game. For more details, check this review out.

These are my top three picks, for more options, check out, Top 17 Free Email Services, on

Having two e-mail addresses can be a pain, but having less spam in your main Inbox is a joy.

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