Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Face for WhiteHous.gov

As Obama gave his speech, Macon Philips (Director of New Media for the White House) made his first post on the White House's offical Blog. In it, he highlighted three priorities for he and his staff.

Communication: Timely and in-depth content to keep the everyone up-to-date and educated through the use of the blog and e-mail updates as well as something called "the briefing room".

Transparency: Through Whitehouse.gov, President Obama hopes to make his the most open and transparent in history. Although he will use traditional media, the website will paly a major role in conveying a glimpse at the business of governent. One of the first things you can look at is what the President's policy priorities are.

Participation: Citizen participation is a priority for this Adminisistartaion and the internet will play an important part in that. One example, all non-emergency legislation will be published to the website for five days to allow for public view and commentary before the President signs it.

Philips goes on to invite the public to offer suggestions as to what sort of things they would find useful from WhiteHouse.gov.

Here's hoping that this will work out for the best and that we will see more embracing of technology from our government.

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