Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blogging For Fun and Not For Profit

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Everywhere you look today, you see blog after blog tell you how to make money blogging.  The reality is, you will probably never make a dime; let alone be able to quit your day job.   With the current state of the economy, you should consider blogging as more of a hobby.

Some start blogging seeking fame, but only a few will have a following larger than a handful of people.  Most of the time, only your family and friends will read your blog.  So, to begin with, just blog for your own enjoyment and about things you like.  If, after awhile, you gain a large audience, bonus!

One lesson I am learning rather quickly is to read other blogs.  You never know what tidbits you will glean from your fellow bloggers.  Remember to leave comments, a few lines here and there, telling them how much you enjoy their blog or even adding your own thoughts on the topic of the post.  However, if you disagree with the post, there is an opportunity to make post of your own on the subject, rather than post a negative comment.  You don’t want to become known for only posting negative comments, a thorn in the side of all bloggers, or simply put, a jerk.

Commenting on someone else’s blog might get them to visit your’s or you might attract a few of the other members of the audience to your blog for a visit or two.  This is the oldest way of getting traffic in the blogsphere.  It also shows that you are actually reading and want to let the blogger know you are there, plus you learn how others have succeeded in blogging.

Remember, we all want traffic, if we make a little loose change along the way, that’s just icing on the cake.  But, first and foremost, we should blog for fun, not money.
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