Monday, February 16, 2009

The Facebook Meme Craze

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Twenty Five Reasons Why I will not do the Twenty Five Random Things about me on FaceBook.

  1. Too Much Information
    If I really wanted to share all these tidbits, I'd post them on my blog.
  2. Who really wants to know what you did in your younger,
    stupid days?
  3. How many of those 25 things do you believe about your
  4. If people don't know you by now, they never will.
  5. Who knows who will see that post on Facebook, it might cost
    you a job or a relationship.
  6. Prying into my life might just be a one way ticket to the
    funny farm.
  7. It feels to much like group therapy.
  8. There just isn't 25 things that I could think of to share
    that people don't already know about me.
  9. I've never responded to e-mail or snail-mail chain letters,
    why should I start now?
  10. Since everything you say on Facebook is the permanent
    property of Facebook, you better be damn sure I'm going to think twice
    before I post anything, let alone a list of obscure facts about me, to
    that site. (see this site)
  11. The whole things reminds me of a virual infection
  12. It's apt to mutate into something sick and perverted at any
    time now.
  13. I dislike anything that is compulsuary.
  14. The whole idea sounds like an exercise from a self-help
    book written by some second rate hack.
  15. Because of this silly Meme, it's going to be months before
    we stop seeing every blog on the face of the earth postulising 25
    Random Things About ________.
  16. I'm not trendy.
  17. I've never been Catholic, so the whole idea of confessional
    doesn't appeal to me.  Besides, isn't that just between you,
    the priest, and God?
  18. I have a handful of blogs that I post to, that takes care
    of all my Narcissistic tendenacies.
  19. I have three active blogs, one private blog, a Facebook
    page, a Myspace page, A Yahoo! 360 page, An AIM Profile page.
     I don't think there is much more I could post about myself.
  20. It just seems too silly of thing for me to spend my time on.
Okay, so I didn't have 25 things, but this is Twenty Spark!  If you want to follow the masses, then by all means do so.  I won't stop ya.  ;)

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