Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm okay, seriously, I'm o.k., no really, I am ok.

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Today I'm going to have it out with my spell checker.  It seems that when ever I use the term 'okay', It gets
underlined/highlighted/a big gong sounds and a voice from deep within my computer says, "We have an idiot sitting in front of the keys."  I want to know one thing:  WHEN DID IT BECOME INCORRECT TO USE OKAY?
After consulting Wikipedia, I discovered that I was in the wrong.  It appears that I've been using the wrong  spelling of the word for quite some time.  The correct word is 'OK'.  The thing about all that is, no one can agree where the word came from or when it was first used.

Now, if you look at, you find that okay is 'all correct' in usage.  So, I decided to dig deeper.
 I found that while okay, o.k., and ok are all acceptable, most copy editor reference guides discourage it's use.

Having come to no conclusion, other than I prolly wouldn't be published when using it, I say that I will continure to use 'okay' til the end of my days.

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