Saturday, February 14, 2009

Late Night Visitor

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Okay, I was doing a little digging for something to post and came across this from an older blog post on this cool blog that has all sorts of Memes to spark ideas with.

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week of June10: Imagine this

C'mon let's use our imaginations....
Finish this:
You wake up suddenly one night, it's about 1 AM
and you were fast asleep. You don't know what woke you,
but for some reason, you've got goosebumps on the back of your neck.
It's raining hard outside and you can hear the rumbling of
thunder and see the flashes of lightning through the window.
You can't remember if you were having a bad dream.
You get out of bed to grab a glass of water when
there is a knock at the front
door and ____________________________________.

So, I got out of bed to grab a glass of water when there is this sudden knock at the front door and I about drop my glass.

By this time, all hell is breaking lose, as my dog goes nuts at who ever is at the door. He's yipping at the door so loudly that the glass in the picture frames on the wall are vibrating. I finally make it past the brute to the door and switch on the light while trying to peer through the frosted glass of the front door. Either there was no one there to begin with or all the viciousness of the dog's yammering has driven whomever it was away.

I'm just about to climb back into bed when there is a knock at the door again.  We go through the whole rabid barking scene and when I get to the door, once again, no one there.  This happens three more times.  It's nearly 2 am, and I'm getting rather annoyed at who ever is doing this.  So, I camp out next to the door and send the dog to bed.

Sure enough, five minutes later, there is a knocking sound, but it isn't coming from the front door, it's coming from the room we keep the rats in.  I go up there and look, wouldn't you know it, two have escaped their cage and are bumping around under the dresser.  After a wee bit of scolding, I send the offending knock and run artists back to their cage and head to bed.

Cheeky buggers, them rats.

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