Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little Housekeeping

Sunrise over a misty valleyImage by Kounelli via Flickr
I'm in the process of updating the code for this blog, so you will see a few things missing.  I'll get them all back as soon as I have the time to do the coding, in the mean time, I hipe hope y'all like the new lay out.  If you have a smaller resolution, sorry for the bottom scrolling.

I'm trying my hand at writing my own template, so this might change in the future once more.

UPDATE: (26 Feb 2009/1720) Okay, so it does not look quite right yet, but we'll get there yet.   Now, if someone is familar with how blogspot code should work could tell me what I'm doing wrong with main background of the page, I'd be happy.  Oh, and I gotta fix the header graphic yet...yick...
UPDATE: (28 Feb 2009/0617) It was a simple replacement of the background color code, now I feel really stupid.  Sheesh, been doing websites for how many years and could not find a simple code error.

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