Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say No to Political Correctness Campaign

I've decided to start my own campaign on the Internet.  I, for one, hate trying to censor myself just to be politically correct.  To that end, I have created the above ribbon to express my feelings on this subject.
It's hard to make everyone happy in the world, so why should we try to make people feel comfortable when they read our blogs?  If they don't like what they read, they can move on.  I'm posting this now because I'm about to step on some toes and want everyone to know that I won't feel ashamed with what I have to say. 
This is a blog therefore you should be ready to read, enjoy or ignore it's contents at your own descretion.
The code for the above graphic is:

If you'd like to join the campaign, just leave a comment with the URL of your blog, and I'll add it to a blogroll as soon as I have one person who wants to use the ribbon.
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