Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I Learned Watching Super Bowl XLIII

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  1. Don't throw a snow globe at your boss's crotch.

  2. I have to plan to attend seven movies this year.

  3. Ms. Hudson sounds more southern then Ms. Hill. (After being told that Hudson is from Chicago, I feel rather foolish. But I still say she does.)

  4. There are at least three movies I will not be seeing this year.

  5. Clydesdales need love too. They also remember their grandparents.

  6. The Boss can still rock.

  7. Don't park your moon rover in a bad crater.

  8. Zebras don't like birds.

  9. Pepsi needs to fire it's marketing team and shoot the marketing director with a nail gun repeatedly in the foot.

  10. Most advertising executives must think that you have to use sex to sell everything, including domain hosting services.

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