Monday, March 9, 2009

Launching Towards War

Unification monument in PyongyanImage via Wikipedia
So, North Korea wants to launch a Satellite into space, cool.  But,wait a second, could they actually be test firing a missile that could reach Alaska or Hawaii?  Well, which ever it is, N. Korea has said that it will treat any act attempt to intercept it's rocket as a declaration of war.  They choose a touchy time of year for them to do this, after all, this is when S. Korea and the United States always do their annual war games.  So, in protest of that little item, N. Korea has also closed it's borders to "all enemies" including those who are trying to get back home either to the North or South Korea.  Remember, this was a "police action" area that the US was involved in back in the 1950's and we still have our fingers in this bowl of fun.

I sincerely hope that no one in the U.S. Government is seriously thinking about doing something about this launch, don't we have our tails in enough fires as it is?

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