Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Don't Need Another War

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Something related to yesterday's post that scares me, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, just last week they announced, about 775 people with ties to Mexican Drug Cartels were arrested in the United states over the last two years.  Those cartels are believed to have set up operations in the Midwest.  Most troubling are some of the cities mentioned.  The Justice Department listed among the cities thought to have cartel operations:  Sioux City, S.D.; Des Moins, IA; and Omaha, NE.  These are three cities right in my back yard and to think people really want NAFTA to succeed.

The most frightening aspect of this is that we may need to send more military aid down Mexico way just to ensure safety inside our own borders.  We are already sending them about $400 million a year to aid President Caldron's efforts in his War on Drugs.  Now U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that the U.S. Military is prepared to help Mexico's military with training, resources, and intelligence.  We all know what means, more G.I. boys and girls fighting on foreign soil.

I my opinion, this situation with our neighbors to the south is more of a threat than other parts of the world are.  I hope Obama wraps things up in Iraq and Afghanistan so we can bring our troops home in case things get nasty in Mexico.  As the last World War taught Germany, you can't fight a war on too many fronts.  Bring the kids home to keep the United States safe for democracy, let the rest of the world go about doing it for themselves for a change.
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