Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If you cannot do DOS, then you cannot be a Geek

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When I first started mucking around with a 286 machine, Window$ was just getting off the ground, so the only way you could really do anything was to know a few typed commands to get around you computer. Today, you can still use most of these commands after launching the "DOS Shell". And if you do not know your way around DOS, you can not possibly call yourself a Geek.

Here are seven commands you should commit to memory and you will be able to wear you Geek Badge with pride.

cd - Change directory: the most fundamental command for getting around in DOS.

dir - This will show you everything that is in the current directory. If you have a lot of stuff stashed there, you might want to use dir /p as this will pause the output every so many lines. Using dir /w/p will cause only the names of the files to be outputted in columns and will pause every so many lines.

copy - Just as the word suggests, this will copy your file. The proper format for this would be copy [filename] [destination filepath and filename].

mkdir - Create a directory. You should use this syntax when using this command: mkdir [directoryname].

move - Move a file using the same syntax as you would for copy.

del - Delete a specified file, ie del [filename].

rd - Delete a specified empy directory. If you want to delete a directory with contents, use rd /s/q which will delete the entire directory tree.

Knowing these commands can be useful and shows you are a true Geek. One caution, be careful what you do with the commands and do not muck around with files you do not understand.

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