Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Missing in Action

Happy Halloween
Okay, I was a little slow on updating all last month.  I think I hit writer's block or something.  Hell, I didn't even use Twitter as much as I normally do.  I think the only thing that got a lot of use was my LastFM account along with my World of Warcraft Account.  Yup, they got a work out.

What's going on right now?
1) Have about three web projects brewing.  These will be updated as time permits
2) I'm supposed to practice driving this month.  I really want to do this, I need my driver's liscense before the end of July, August at the outside.  My better half would like me to have it much sooner, but, we'll see how that goes.
3) Short stories.  I'm writing a series of short stories that I hope to publish to the web sometime soon.  Yeah, they are a bit lame, but not bad for my first go.

Well, thought I'd let everyone know what hath become of me.
Be Seeing You!

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