Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home of the Throwed Roll

Lambert's Cafe - Foley, ALImage by pickles_pics via Flickr
I'm on an extended weekend right now, during which the better half is bowling and I'm along to get the hell out of town for a few days.  The first thing we did was hit this resturaunt called "Lambert's Cafe".  The one we visitted is located between Springfield and Branson, MO

The experience:
First off, the wait is well worth it.  If you have a group going, call ahead of time, it helps cut the wait.  Some people have been known to wait for two hours just to eat here.  Once you get inside, the atmosphere reminds you of a cross between "Cracker Barrel" and "TGI Fridays".  As you are lead to your seat, you realize, this is not going to be your run of the mill dinner.  There are wait-staff wandering about offering black-eyed peas, fried potatos, fried okra, and tomato mac.

Now, the gimmick that put the place on the map.  From the far side of the room, you hear "HOT ROLLS!" and see a guy on the far side of the room.  Someone at the table next to you holds up a hand and a dinner roll is tossed across the room.  Let me tell you, this makes for interesting dining, because this happens all the time.  You have to watch out for incoming bread stuffs.  The added bonus, after you get your roll, is they offer sorgum molasses (sticky, sweet, and gooey, just like it is supposed to be.).  Now you know why they are called the Home of the Throwed Roll.

Okay, now the main course, after you get 52 oz of your favorite family type beverage.  They have a good selection on the menu from fish to pork and everything in between.  I ordered a 16 oz chicken fried steak with baby carrots and cuccumber & onions on the side.  It already had mashed taters with it.  Andie ordered a salmon steak with the carrots and mashcd taters. 

The presentation:  For those of us who ordered a typical dinner, it was served in a skillet.  My chicken fried steak about covers the entire bottom of a 12 inch skillete.  You get average servings of your sides, but with the other food that is being passed around, you won't go away hungry.  By the way, my chicken fried steak was the rooster size, they have a hen size that is 10-12 ounces.  A buddy of ours ordered that size and could not finish his.  I did not finish mine either, that is a lot of food.  But, I did it justice.  I think I had less than a third of it left when all was said and done. 

The quality.  If you like a down home, country style meal, then this is for you.  It has that grandma's cooking feel and taste about it.  I was very impressed with the food and the service.  And the touch of topping it off with a small slice of cheese cake (if you have room) is just the trick. 

Summary. Good food, fun enviroment, and very reasonable prices gives this place a four out of five gold fork rating from me. If you are ever in the Springfield or Branson, MO area, look this place up.  Or check out the other two locations that can be found on their website at

I'm still stuffed six hours later, time for another nap.  Long day ahead of us tomorrow.
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