Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Memories

Coast King
This time of year always stirs up memories of my childhood.
One Christmas, I was given a Coast King 10-Speed bike. This was a great gift, except one thing. We had over three feet of snow on the ground. Kind of hard to get the hang of a new bike when you could not even ride it. But, I loved my parents for it anyway.

Another year, my brother and I got a new sled. This was great, because up til then we had been using one that my mother had used as a kid and it was beginning to show some signs of where and tear. It had a broken board on it and the steering was a little messed up from rust. It was fun though. I remember not wanting to let my brother use the new one and making him use the old, broken down one. Most of the time we used the sleds like wagons, we never did master the art of riding them down the hill.

But, I think the biggest thing I remember from my childhood Christmas experience was spending time with the family. It was one day a year that everyone that could make it was there. It was great seeing the older kids and when they could not be around, it was just nice to have mom and dad to ourselves.

Some want us to focus on the person behind the holiday, but I think it is just as important to focus on our family and friends at this time of year. So, merry Christmas or Happy Whatever Holiday you observe!!!
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