Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And then they ask why

The LDS Church teaches to seek after truth where ever it may be found. When some find a truth and profess that truth, they are scorned and ridiculed. The lucky few make it out unscathed.

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There are a couple ideas very heavily engrained into a Mormon's head through all of the structure and doctrine of the church.  The first is to seek truth (wherever it is to be found--from scripture and from secular knowledge as well) and the second is to proclaim that truth--in particular, the gospel truth.  I feel that both of these are very noble pursuits.  I was taught to do that while I was a Mormon and even now I view both as wise things to do.  There is so much falsehood out there in the world--so much fraud and dishonesty--that the truth is a welcome breath of fresh air whenever it is encountered.  Also, the truth empowers the mind and enlightens the soul.  It brings lasting happiness.  This is why Mormons are taught to (and desire to) teach the truth that they have learned to anyone who will listen.

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