Library of Carrington Cottage
Library of Carrington Cottage (Photo credit: stewickie)

Twenty Spark: The idea behind this blog, 20 prompts a month (on average) to help you practice your writing.

ImageSpark: An image to use as inspiration for your writing, presented every Monday.

StorySpark: A first line, a scenario, or some other story concept presented every Tuesday.

3Spark: Three words, that may be random or based on a theme, presented every Wednesday for a free writing exercise. If  you'd like to learn more about free writing, check out this website.

 BlogSpark: A suggestion for a blogging topic for the day, presented every Thursday.

JournalSpark: Most of the prompts given in the category will be for those who are writing personal journals, especially those focusing on writing auto-biographical material. You could use these as story prompts as well. Presented every Friday.

20Spark: Optional time limit writing prompt.
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